Ascencia College, formerly known as College de Paris

Ascencia College, formerly known as College de Paris

Ascencia College, formerly known as College de Paris, is a higher education institution with several campuses in various countries. This institution offers a variety of programs in fields such as business, management, hospitality, tourism, and more. The college is part of the College de Paris group, which is a network of higher education institutions in Europe.

Ascencia College

Here are some key points about Ascencia College (formerly College de Paris):

1. Programs: Ascencia College provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in disciplines like business administration, international business, digital marketing, hospitality management, and more.

2. Locations: Ascencia College has campuses in different countries, including France, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia, among others. Each campus may offer specific programs tailored to the local market and industry demands.

3. Accreditation: It’s essential to verify the accreditation and recognition of specific programs or campuses. Educational institutions in different countries may have varying levels of accreditation and recognition.

4. International Focus: The College de Paris group, which Ascencia College is part of, emphasizes an international approach to education, aiming to provide students with a global perspective and opportunities for international experiences.

5. Language of Instruction: Depending on the campus and program, the language of instruction may vary. Some programs may be offered in English, while others may be in the native language of the country where the campus is located.

6. Employment Opportunities: Ascencia College may have partnerships with various industries and companies to help students with internships and job placements in their respective fields of study.

It’s important to visit the official website of Ascencia College and check with their admissions department for the most up-to-date and specific information regarding programs, locations, accreditation, and any other inquiries you may have. Additionally, researching reviews and feedback from current or former students can provide valuable insights into the quality of education and services offered by the college. Read more blogs:

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