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Studegram was started by Mr. Suvaibith Ali and Mr. Rajeel KP as a futuristic Edu tech company one of the best study abroad consultancy in Calicut and we are focusing on student’s career development, character development, and career guidance. At studegram, we know the worth of a student to the society and the value of education. We believe that Education should mold the character and foster the personality of a student.

We have more than 8 years of experience in the education industry. Initially started as IndiaForFuture, we were forced to rename and restart as Studegram due to the technical difficulties in registering our brand with the former name.



Excellence through education,
Humanity through lifestyle


Guide a student to chase excellence through education, nurture humanity through the lifestyle, and become organized in the professional life

Current Projects

Studegram has three key projects – Studegram IFF, studegram junior, and studegram lifeline


The preliminary aim of studegram is to create a younger generation of our country molded by quality education. Through the IFF (India for Future ) program, We specialize in the career guidance of the students.

We help the students to study abroad in the curated universities. We identify their personal traits, talents, and their interests before suggesting suitable courses and universities to them.

We are partnering with all the major universities across the globe and our database includes all the most popular and promising courses.

Currently, India For Future is one of the renowned names in the international education industry in kerala

Studegram Jr

We are developing an app named Studegram junior that helps the primary school students to overcome the addictive cyber world and for character development of the student. This will not be a study app, but a lifestyle app.

The emphasis will be towards the betterment of mental health, physical health, soft skill development and the character development of the students.

Studegram Life Line

Lifeline is a project that uses IoT (internet of things) and blockchain technology to address and illustrate the professional life of a candidate. The system will log in all the academic and professional achievements of an individual on a private blockchain network which will be incommutable.

The system will have features for a truth validation module( assisted via blockchain technology) to verify all the certifications in the resume, a Participation module (assisted via IoT) to acknowledge and evaluate the professional life of the candidate, the Attribution module to automatically assign the professional skills and soft skills to the candidate.

The system will eradicate the need for HR documentation, Meeting minutes, MIS etc. The system will be a smart timeline of the user’s professional life.