Life After Graduation: Post Study Work Visa in UK

Life After Graduation: benefits of post study work visa in UK

Benefits of post study work visa in UK for international students after they complete their studies. However, policies and regulations can change, so it’s important to check the latest updates from official sources. Here are the key post study work visa in the UK:

post study work visa

1. Graduate Route (formerly known as Post-Study Work Visa):

– Introduced in July 2021, the Graduate Route allows international students who have completed a degree at a UK higher education institution to stay and work, look for work, or start their own business for a period of up to two years (or three years for doctoral graduates).
– There are no restrictions on the type of work you can do, and you can switch jobs freely during this period.

2. Skilled Worker Visa (formerly Tier 2 General):

– If you secure a job offer from a UK employer that holds a sponsor license, you can apply for the Skilled Worker Visa to work in the UK.
– This visa allows you to work for the sponsoring employer in a specific role and is often a pathway to settlement in the UK.

3. Innovator Visa:

– If you have a business idea and wish to start and run a business in the UK, you can apply for the Innovator Visa.
– You’ll need to obtain an endorsement from an approved endorsing body and meet other eligibility criteria.

4. Start-up Visa:

– Similar to the Innovator Visa, the Start-up Visa allows you to start a business in the UK. This route is for early-stage, high-potential entrepreneurs.
– You’ll need to be endorsed by an endorsing body and meet certain requirements.

5. Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa (now closed to new applicants):

– Although this category is closed to new applicants, some individuals on this visa may still be eligible to extend their stay or switch to another category, such as the Innovator Visa or the Start-up Visa.

It’s important to carefully review the eligibility criteria, application process, and required documentation for each post-study work option. Consulting with an immigration advisor or your university’s career services can provide valuable guidance to help you make informed decisions about your post-study plans in the UK.

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