Why are so many Kerala students moving abroad to study?

Why are so many Kerala students moving abroad to study?

The number of Kerala students moving abroad for higher study has steadily increased. According to the Ministry of Education, the number of students going overseas for higher education increased by 68% between 2021 and 2022, from 4,44,553 to 7,50,365.

Kerala students moving abroad

Some of the reasons Kerala students study overseas include:

• countries that provide permanent residence and job permits

• a more independent social position

• Increased credit availability

• Developed countries

According to unofficial estimates, more than 35,000 Kerala students study in developed countries each year.


Some of the difficulties associated with studying abroad are as follows:

• Qualification for unskilled employment

• High cost of living

• Underpaid work

• Being separated from family

• Course prerequisites

• Financials

• Cultural and linguistic difficulties

• Health and dietary concerns

The Kerala Government’s ODEPC provides foreign experiences to students to help them excel before, during, and after studying abroad. Read blog : Indian students can apply for a post-study employment visa in Ireland